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“The Disruptive Intersection of Addiction Recovery and The Internet”

There is a collision, dare we say explosion, happening.

At the intersection of addiction recovery, The Internet and social media – disruption is everywhere.

Nearly everyone starts their search for recovery from addictions of all kinds online. Some are actually “recovering”, beginning their recovery process or supplementing their recovery online.

Virtually 100% of families of addicts and addicts themselves go online for answers before they do anything else. Many savvy marketers discovered this early on but many smaller community rehabs still struggle to keep up with the whole “Internet thing”.

But the big changes are in the actual recovery processes being carried out online. Courses, meetings and platforms of all types are exploding.

Some websites brought the 12 steps online – and exploded. Many 12 step “old timers” revolted.

Some folks broke, and continue to break, their “anonymity” in hopes of reducing the stigma of addiction and fostering better health care for addicts of all stripes. (We support them BTW)

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Anonymity is being redefined. Slowly for some, very rapidly for others. The digital natives see it way differently than the folks that got recovery pre-Internet or in the early days of the Internet.

In all of this I’m reminded of the sci-fi author William Gibson’s quote:

The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.

William Gibson is the person who coined the term “cyberspace”.

The future is here. But in lots of ways both the actual recovery movement and the recovery “business” is lagging behind woefully in what is possible with the power of the web.

Here at Viral Recovery we chronicle the intersection of addiction recovery and the Internet, curating the thought leaders and doers and telling success stories of people, online and off, who have the courage to recover from addictions of all kinds.

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