Actor Danny Trejo’s 46 Years of Sobriety and How Helping Another Lead to His Career in Show Business!

Danny Trejo explains how helping another addict lead to his career in the movie business.  With 46 years of sobriety, he found all the good in his life came from helping others.  Watch the video below for more of the story.

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Danny Trejo learned to box at the age of 8, and had no idea that it would lead to his career in the movie business.

Danny leaned on drugs to escape and feel better as a youth but his life invariably ended up in chaos.

He was in juvenile hall and ultimately prison, winding up in the infamous San Quentin, where he became a boxing champion.

Out of prison, Danny dedicated his life to helping others with addiction as a drug counselor.

One day, while going to help a friend with his temptation to use at his job, which turned out to be on a movie set, Danny ran into an ex-prison buddy who knew he could fight and had him train some of the actors how to fight.  He actually wound up in the movie as a fighter and his movie career began, and the rest they say is history!

According to Danny, all the good in his life has come as a direct result of him helping someone else!

Danny now helps kids recover from their addictions, and with over 46 years of sobriety, he is grateful for the life he now has.

Watch the video here: LINK 






Actor Danny Trejo discusses overcoming addiction and helping young people stay clean.

Posted by AARP on Friday, July 31, 2015

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