The Bloom Club – More community, accountability and self-development in recovery.

New recovery business models are exploding online. We genuinely can’t keep up.

At $47.00 a month, membership in the Bloom Club ( may at first seem slightly more expensive than many of the other online recovery groups we’ve profiled.(many are totally free)

This is because the founders believe that an investment in recovery is an investment in oneself.
It’s an investment that encourages active engagement both from themselves and their members.

Carly Benson and Kelly Fitzgerald created the Bloom Club with the idea of providing addicts with everything that they wished they would have had during their own recovery journeys.

They also incorporated the suggestions of people they worked with prior to forming the club. Almost everyone provided feedback that indicated they wanted more community, accountability and self-development.

Kelly and Carly met online while discussing their lives in sobriety. Both women call that meeting a “divine intervention”. Their stories are both very similar and yet individually unique. The two women may have paved their paths to recovery in different ways yet each shared a burning desire to help others.

Kelly Fitzgerald found her sobriety in Mexico after deciding that that she had enough of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Kelly decided that being a party girl had become detrimental to her physical and emotional wellbeing. She found a lot of freedom and release through writing and maintains an active blog on her website

Carly Benson took a more faith-based approach to freeing herself from dependence on alcohol and cocaine. She is a recovery coach with a background in internet marketing. Her passion for yoga has also led her to earn yoga teacher certifications with a special interest in teaching yoga to recovering addicts. Her website,, is rich with content helpful to those seeking out a sober lifestyle.
Both Kelly and Carly hold strong beliefs that community is essential to overcoming drug and alcohol dependency.

Those beliefs, along with a passion for helping others, brought them to the formation of the Bloom Club. Kelly spent her first year of recovery without any sober friends so she knows how daunting the process can be when navigated alone.

The two women have designed to Bloom Club to be a compassionate safe space where members’ privacy is completely respected. It is open to those who are already in recovery as well as people who may be curious about a life of sobriety. Members are encouraged to ask questions and be comfortable enough with the group to ask for help when needed.

Carly and Kelly ask for engagement from Bloom Club participants. Engagement leads to accountability. Both women take their own accountability to the group very seriously.

They teach bi-monthly classes to members who wish to learn more about recovery. These classes cover a wide range of topics and member participation is actively encouraged. All previously taught classes are archived and always available for members to review.

In addition to teaching the classes, both Kelly and Carly make themselves available in a private group exclusively for Bloom Club subscribers. Besides the private group, there is also an optional secret Facebook page. Both are confidential, welcoming communities that provide a great deal of support and education.

Although the Bloom Club is relatively new to the online recovery scene it is gaining a solid reputation. Numerous testimonials thanking both Kelly and Carly attest to the helpfulness of this virtual group. It’s a loving, open-minded community run by two women who have been there. Two women who want to help others find the beauty, passion, happiness, and potential that a sober life can offer.

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