If This Doesn’t Make You Cry – You’re Not Human (Chris Herren)

NBA Star Chris Herren says: “I found my soul on this journey of recovery”

Former Boston Celtic Chris Herren tells a powerful story of failure, self hate and drug addiction at TedX.

Then he finishes with a beautiful story of his life’s work to spread the message of recovery – of how one of his speaking engagements at high schools saved at least two students from suicide.

Chris was a high school basketball legend from Fall River, Massachusetts, who realized his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA when he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999 and then was traded to his hometown team, the Boston Celtics in 2000.

Chris struggled with alcohol and other drug problems for much of his basketball career.

Now in recovery he has chosen to share his story of addiction and recovery with audiences in the hopes of reaching just one person and making a difference in his or her life.

He first went public with his recovery story in the memoir Basketball Junkie, and Emmy nominated ESPN Films documentary Unguarded.

Chris has since traveled the country to speak to over 500,000 young people about his recovery and the dangers of substance use.

To support this vision, he founded The Herren Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to those touched by addiction.

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