“If it wasn’t for my wife, I’d be dead!” – Darryl Strawberry Sober

Darryl Strawberry’s Comeback Comes Full Circle.

Ask by the interviewer: “Where would do you think you’d be today if you hadn’t met Tracy (his wife of eight years)?” Strawberry responds emphatically, twice, “I would be dead!”

We don’t have to fill in the blanks for you on this story. The owner a four World Series rings had an incredible career on the baseball field – and a colorful one off it. His addictions were played out on the front pages of the newspapers. His failures broadcast for all to see.

But after over a decade clean and sober Darryl Strawberry is giving back. He’s joined forces with a former Catholic Priest and opening Strawberry Center, a recovery center for both pro athletes and regular folks.

Bryant Gumble and the team at Real Sports interview him and get the whole story.

Check out this clip of Darryl Strawberry sober.

For more info about Darryl Strawberry, check out his site: http://strawberrycenter.com/darryl-strawberry-featured-real-sports-byrant-gumbel/

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