Our Mission

What the heck is Viral Recovery?

At ViralRecovery, our mission is simple: to celebrate recovery and help remove the stigma often associated with addiction.

In our humble opinion, stories of recovery should spread faster than those of addiction. That’s what we intend to do, and we need your help to do it.

When is the last time you heard about a celebrity leading a lovely, peaceful life of recovery? What we usually hear about is the sensationalization of a celebrity’s relapse, hospitalization or death. We are attempting to change that.

There are over 20 MILLION people in long-term recovery in the United States alone.

There are a fraction of those people who do not want to be “anonymous” anymore. They stand for acceptance and respect and are proud of their recovery and new way of life. Our intention is to honor and showcase those people, and their bravery through story-telling.

Some of these courageous men and women feel it is time to “come out” and share their recovery. Some feel it is their duty.

We recognize that this is a new paradigm and yet, we feel it’s time has come.

JOIN US in our crusade.

JOIN US in our respect and admiration for those in recovery.

JOIN US by sharing your story of hope.

JOIN US in helping to share these stories with your friends and recovery groups when they touch your heart or you feel a special affinity with the author or the story. Help us get the story out.

A note to our still anonymous fellows in recovery: As much as we respect a person’s willingness to share their recovery openly, we equally respect those not willing to do so and hope this website (and the stories contained herein) serve as inspiration. We strive to have all stories congruent with the suggestions of anonymity a lot of us know well.

The Healing Power of Recovery

As much as we write about Recovery Advocacy and the goals and visions of ViralRecovery.com people ask for more. For those of you currently in recovery (and those who are not) these videos tell the story, concepts and goals of Recovery Advocacy much better in a short time. Take a few minutes and listen.

The Anonymous People from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

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