Sober Movement is Crushing Instagram

Kevin Curtis was newly sober and wishing to shed the extra weight he had gained during his drinking days. Scrolling through Instagram, he found himself deeply inspired by the fitness communities there.

He saw shout – outs, helpful hints, compliments, celebrations when people reached their goals and knowledgeable advice when they didn’t. He was especially taken with people’s willingness to share their before and after photos.

It occurred to Kevin that this kind of online support was something he could have utilized while getting sober. He thought that the kind of camaraderie he was seeing was exactly what was needed within the addiction recovery community.

A celebration of sober life with people assisting one another, sharing their triumphs, being uplifted in their struggles and being kindly advised when they had questions.

Feeling that a positive recovery group was needed, Kevin contacted his good friend Darren Brewster. They had been friends since junior high school. Darren had also struggled with addiction and got sober at exactly the same time as Kevin. Darren agreed with Kevin and together they founded

The website describes Sober Movement as being “dedicated to the unionization of those in all forms of recovery”. (we LOVE that line) Their belief is that sobriety is a lifestyle and that being sober is a MOVEMENT.

Both Kevin and Darren share a personal philosophy that life is to be lived to the fullest and that a passionate life can be achieved in sobriety.

The site is informative and urges members of the community to submit articles for publication on the website. Every article is written by a Sober Movement member.

Members share their stories with openness and candor. It’s an easily navigable site with a hip, young and fresh feel to it.

With over 51,000 followers, Sober Movement has a strong presence on Instagram. Instagram has become a powerful force for them in assisting people to achieve and maintain complete sobriety. Thousands of posts tell of followers’ sobriety journeys in both photographs and stories. They ask for pictures of sobriety or before and after photos.

Before and after photos are also a key feature of “Transformation Tuesday” on Sober Movement’s Facebook page, . Almost 5,000 followers actively participate in Sober Movement’s lively Facebook community. Very much like their Instagram account, Sober Movement’s Facebook followers are encouraged to ask questions and share their stories. They are cheered on by competent administrators and fellow recovering addicts.

The Sober Living Facebook page is private. Members must ask to join and then be approved.
Although it is a closed group, it is a very open forum for those within Sober Movement community.

In keeping with Sober Movement’s positive vibe, members are protected by a strict set of guidelines that discourage negativity. All members must be respectful and considerate of one another. Bullying and personal attacks are prohibited.

The Sober Movement communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ( are positive, beneficial and uplifting. Members compliment one another on their successes and achievements. Those who are struggling receive instant support and advice. Videos, testimonials and informative articles are posted and shared frequently.

It seems as though the future of Sober Movement includes a desire to do more offline as well.

The group often host events and get-together’s in the Southern California area. Despite their definitive online presence, they don’t neglect the value of face to face meetings and socialization. They are looking into the possibility of hosting activities for those who stay in sober living residences.

The sheer number of Sober Movement community members who are celebrating sobriety, and its growth rate, is a testament to the group’s efficacy.

The idea that a sober life can be passionate and enjoyable is a theme that runs freely and prominently throughout this movement. Happiness in sobriety? Sobriety without misery? Sober Movement thinks so!

Sober Movement embodies everything Viral Recovery stands for – congrats guys!

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