It seems that “Viral Recovery” is real…


A few days back a young man posted his pictures on Reddit. One of him in the middle of his meth addiction and one now. And not only did the Reddit community respond but it seems the whole Internet has lit up with this story.


There are over two thousand comments on Reddit and numerous news stories all over the net.


The change is remarkable. Many on Reddit have said he goes from ugly to handsome!


Ryan Harder of St Paul, Mn says he started using drugs at 14. He says he had been trying to get off drugs since he was 16. His past included seven petty misdemeanors, a DWI and a felony.


He was seriously considering suicide by jumping off the Smith Bridge in St. Paul before he found recovery permanently.


This folks is what is about! People truly want to hear the success stories and not about the tragedies.

Help Recovery Go Viral! Get the stories everyone is talking about. 

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